Car Seat Prices: is expensive always better?

How do you know which car seats are safest? And are expensive seats better than their cheaper counterparts? To find out we’ve reviewed all ADAC tested car seats available in the UK and compared their prices. ADAC is an independent automotive testing institution. You can find out more about the ADAC test in this blog post.

Here’s a snapshot of average car seat prices by test result.

Data based on car seats available in the UK which also have an ADAC score. Prices used are RRP.

You get what you pay for: on average, car seats which receive a Good and Excellent rating are 39% more expensive than Defective seats.

There are 3 noteworthy exceptions: Britax-Römer Dualfix, Britax-Römer Max-Way and Graco Milestone which all received a ‘Poor’ rating despite a high price tag.

Remember though that the above analysis is based on averages. Each category, from ‘Defective’ to ‘Excellent’ has a range of prices. For example, there are car seats with the result ‘Good’ which are cheaper than some car seats in the ‘Average’ bracket. Car Seat Jungle helps you to easily find these car seats through the filtering options at the end of the Car Seat Search tool.